For Sale : Wargames Bring & Buy website !

Having developed The Lead Mountain website, I’ve become a first time father and along with working full-time, found I simply don’t have the time to market it.

If you are a Wargamer with time to spare to promote TLM and make it all it can be… please get in touch with me directly –

Sale to include the website itself , all associated domain names and all registered intellectual property rights relating to The Lead Mountain.

So….what is The Lead Mountain ??

Put simply – The Lead Mountain is a brand new United Kingdom only  Classified Small Ads  website which is table-top gaming dedicated… an online Bring-and-Buy.

Registering as a member of the TLM community allows you to contact sellers, or place your own ads. It is not an e-commerce site or an online auction. Members contact each other through TLM to arrange sales face-to-face,  or through the post, rather like Gumtree.


Greetings fellow gamers !

Welcome to :  The Lead Mountain  –  the  U.K’s  new  online  Wargames  Bring-and-Buy.

Register for FREE to buy and sell  unwanted board games / CCGs or surplus wargames miniatures, rules or accessories… be they for  : Warhammer 40K,  SAGA,  Bolt Action,  Warhammer – Age of Sigmar,  Necromunda,  Black Powder,  X-Wing, Swordpoint,  Blood Bowl,  Infinity,  or anything else.

The Lead Mountain is a gaming-specific Classified Small Ads venue that serves to introduce sellers to buyers, but does not take part in ( or profit from ) the transaction itself, so no final valuation fees !

Place your 30 day Ad listings for only   £1.00   per individual item. This nominal sum will keep the site up-and-running.  Alternatively, for multiple items, choose to purchase one of our discounted Members Packages. These will allow UNLIMITED ad listings without charge, within a specified time frame.

Happy Mountaineering !